Preface is a beginner Java tutorial site that attempts to teach basics of Java programming Language in plain English using huge number of java source code examples spread across various topics. This site is for absolute starters to learn java who do not require any prerequisite Java knowledge. This site can also be used by advanced java developers. This site has links to some of my other sites that will help you in learning advanced Java topics and other technical subjects.

Java has evolved to be the most predominant and popular general purpose programming language of the current age. Java is a simple, portable, distributed, robust, secure, dynamic, architecture neutral, object oriented programming language. It was developed by Sun Microsystems. This technology allows the software designed and developed once for an idealized ‘virtual machine’ and run on various computing platforms.

Java plays a significant role in the corporate world. Companies of all sizes are using Java as the main programming language to develop various applications/projects world wide. It has found its use in various sectors including banking, insurance, retail, media, education, manufacturing and so on.  E-commerce, Gaming, Mobile, Embedded, Media and many more types of applications are being developed using Java. Organizations are developing mission critical applications using Java technologies.  This necessitates the corporations to hire highly skilled java developers. On the other hand it opens the doors for many opportunities for java developers. There is significant demand for java developers with sound technical skills. Now Colleges and Universities all over the world are using it in their introduction courses as well as their junior and senior software engineering courses.

This site was developed considering the importance of this language and the benefits that it provides to corporations, developers, students, education institutions and more. is free online Java tutorial site with a huge number of java programs for java development. This site is evolving with more content, features, links  and useful information. If you have any suggestions, feedback, concerns, corrections or questions please communicate through Feedback section.

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